A retailer with flair
We’re a mix of city and island spirit, and we’re all about providing some glam’ into our customer’s lives through affordable and trendy products.
Read on to find out about our journey!

Island Spirit

Since 2012, GLAMMO has been a retailer in the Pointe Seraphine cruise terminal, in Castries, St. Lucia. With an established presence felt by locals and repeat tourists alike, GLAMMO employs a small team of St. Lucian’s, providing good employment, training and various opportunities.

Incredible views, amazing flora & fauna, delicious sea food and the cheerful charismatic people have made for many wonderful years in St. Lucia, for GLAMMO and owner Kristina.

Canada’s “Tropics” &

The Garden City

With grand-children appearing in her life, Kristina made a choice to be closer to family in Canada by opening a new GLAMMO location in Victoria, BC.

Considered Canada’s warmest destinations, the ‘garden city’ has a unique blend of modernity, history and close connections to nature. It’s a popular choice for many looking for a break from larger, colder cities across Canada.

Tourism plays a large part of the economy, and Victoria is a popular port-of-call for cruise ships heading North to Alaska. Ironically, many of the same ships in service here (during the summer) are also present in St. Lucia (during the winter)!


Our new store is located on hip Lower Johnson St. (LOJO), in the oldest part of downtown (Old Town), surrounded by 19th century buildings.

We’re excited about the possibilities here and look forward to making new friends!